Deadly Chilled Weather Caused 55 Deaths in U.S.A

Deadly Chilled Weather Caused 55 Deaths in U.S.A


U.S.A:- Tens of millions of Americans are facing bone-chilling deadly temperature as deadly chilled weather caused 55 deaths in U.S. A powerful Arctic winter storm has forced many people to stay at home as freezing temperature outside. All deaths have been verifies in eight different states of United States. At least twenty seven people lost their lives in western New York’s Erie County, where violent snow, nonstop winds and freezing temperature have added worries for Buffalo and surrounding towns. Up to 43 inches of snow has been recorded in the area. Buffalo’s airport has been closed to flights and power has also been cut off in the region.

The massive storm has extended from Texas to Quebec. It is affecting more than 250 million people in the region. There are so much worst conditions in the United States of America and some parts of the Canada.

More than fifteen million homes in the United States and Canada were blackout of electricity. This ice chilled storm, which started from the Arctic region, has severely affected most areas of the United States and Canada. From Texas to the Arctic, more than 2,000 miles area has been affected by the storm.

According to the National Weather Service, the icy chilled deadly weather will remain some days. People should take necessary measures to compete the situation. During these days the unusual weather has caused Power outages about two million homes and businesses in the dark. Hundreds of people in Atlanta and northern parts of the state were without power in Georgia.

USA Weather 26-12-2022

There is a big problem of air journey now-a-days, as fiercely weather hit some parts of the country in U.S.

According to the tracking site FlightAware, about 5,700 flights within, into or out of the U.S. were canceled due to heavy snow storm. According to flight tracking website, over 1,000 flights were canceled for Saturday.

Travelers are trying to make it home for the holidays. More than eight million people remained under blizzard warnings. According to the Weather Service, the historic winter storm is causing widespread travel hurdle across the country in Christmas days. Temperatures is being continued to drop in Washington DC and other parts of the country. According to the National Weather Service, temperatures could drop from minus 45 to minus 70 in many parts of the country and there is a risk of a bomb cyclone due to a heavy drop in air pressure. The huge storm stretched from United States to Canada. In Canada, the WestJet canceled all flights on Friday at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Multiple highways and roads were closed. People are facing lot of problems due to snowy weather. People have taken much time to reach the destination. People are forced to take shelters in some coastal areas due to heavy chilly flood. In Portland, Oregon, nearly 800 people slept at five emergency shelters on Thursday night. The city administration is trying their level best to remove ice from roads and streets but they have not enough workforce to complete this soon. People are forced to remove snow from roads on self help basis.

Heavy snowfall was forecast in areas of Pennsylvania, South Dakota, New England, New York, New Jersey and Michigan.  Highways in the Midwest faced lengthy delays because of snowy weather or crashes and authorities in parts of Indiana, Michigan, New York and Ohio urged motorists to avoid nonessential travel. Another 10,400 U.S. flights were delayed on Friday – including more than 40% of those operated by American Airlines, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Southwest Airlines – after 11,300 flights were delayed Thursday. Southwest canceled 1,238 flights on Friday, 29% of all its scheduled flights, while Alaska Airlines canceled 507, or 64%, of its flights. Seattle-Tacoma International Airport had 357 flights, or 63% of departures, canceled Friday. The FAA lifted a ground stop there due to snow and ice but late Friday delays were still averaging nearly three hours. Nearly half of departing flights at Detroit Metro were canceled, along with 70% at Portland, 38% at New York’s LaGuardia, 29% at Chicago O’Hare and 27% at Boston. Chicago was facing dangerously cold temperatures with wind chills hitting minus 31 Celsius.

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