US mission to the moon delayed

America’s mission to the moon is delayed
After half a century, the mission was postponed due to engine failure in the rocket “Orion Spacecraft”.
US Vice President Kamala Harris also arrived for the launching ceremony at the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Florida.

US Orion Spacecraft

America’s mission to the moon after half a century has been delayed. After the long wait of the American space agency “NASA”, the first test flight around the moon was postponed due to engine failure of the Orion spacecraft. NASA has not given a new date for the launch of the rocket ship mission, but it is expected that the mission will be ready for flight again by Friday. The launch countdown before the launch was stopped 40 minutes ago. Met with the team members. According to the US space agency, the engineers tried hard to fix the engine, but they could not succeed, due to which now the most powerful rocket “Orion Spacecraft” to enter the orbit of the moon. It will take more time. According to NASA, the engineers tried their best to fix the problem of engine, but failedÛ”They said that Rocket “Orion Spacecraft” needs more time to go to the moon.

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